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Business Acquisitions

We Buy Great Companies

We look to buy or partner with family or founder owned businesses that have established operating histories, are cashflow positive, led by strong management teams and have high-growth potential.

What We

01 Services

Service businesses like property management, financial services, lawn services and cleaning services are just a few examples of service business that are highly desirable.

03 eCommerce

eCommerce companies that have built a brand (not just a product category) and that are not heavily reliant on the exiting founder for critical tasks are ideal opportunities. 

05 Wholesale  Distribution

Wholesale and distribution companies of non-perishable goods with established accounts are preferred. Exclusive or protected territories are of particular interest.

02 Construction Trades

Plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and roofing companies are a few examples of trade businesses we like, provided they are not heavily dependent on new construction. 

04 Technology

Companies using in-house proprietary technologies to provide recurring services to their clients are of interest, provided they have a reasonable operating history (no pre-revenue startups).

06 Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies with long operating histories and established long-standing customers are of interest, provided that manufacturing equipment is current with present-day technology.

Computer Office Work
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